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A Collective of Counselors Helping Youth Through all the Stages of Growing Up with Virtual and In-Person Counseling in Indiana

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Express Emotions

Emotions can overwhelm kids, teens, and adults alike! Clients at Bloom get a space just for them, a space with support to deal with difficult emotions in a secure environment with a counselor who really cares.  

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Learn To Cope

All parents want to make sure their child has the coping skills they need to be successful in life.  For our clients, coping skills are integrated throughout the counseling process and connected to real life experiences so that skills can be used where kids need them most.

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Feel Better

Just because your child is struggling, doesn't mean they have to suffer. Our clients have counselors that join them in their struggles so that they can feel supported, valued, and strong as they face the challenges of growing up. 


So glad you found us!  At Bloom Counseling Services, relationships are our highest priority and we can't wait to connect with your family.  It takes a village, we'd love to join yours!  

What our clients want you to know...

"Believe in your therapist and yourself and whatever your goal is will become real"

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