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Play Therapy

For any age, uses play as primary communication


Talk Therapy

Usually best for ages 12 and older, uses talk as primary communication



For all ages, approach that does not require talking 


Family Therapy

Family approach for all ages, can be primary therapy or added to individual therapy

Therapy Sessions
Our Approach

 Helping families navigate the process of "growing up" is the primary goal at Bloom Counseling Services.  Everyone—especially a child—deserves a safe relationship and quality interventions to address behavioral, emotional, or healing goals.  And parents deserve support throughout the process.  Our team prioritizes relationships with clients and their families while working together to meet mental health needs. 

Our Team

Our therapists are great!  They love kids and are passionate about their work. Want more info so that you can choose which one is right for you?  Click below and a team member will reach out to with information.

People start to heal the moment they are heard

Cheryl Richardson

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