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Counseling for Emerging Adults in Plainfield, IN

Transitioning to adulthood can feel overwhelming as many of the support of childhood fall away.  Individuals age 18-25ish can struggle to find direction, feel connected, and engage in meaningful relationships.  You deserve to be supported as you find your way.

What We Offer

Space for you to figure it out

At Bloom, we offer young adults what they often need most: space and support to look at their stage of life and find a path forward.  Our therapists listen and help clients develop a foundation so they can feel secure transitioning to adulthood.

Therapy is offered virtually and in-person at times that fit your schedule.  Various activities are available for self-exploration, but the old stand-by of "talking it out" is always available.  


Have more questions?  Want to talk with one of us?  We'd love to help you navigate your needs!  

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