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Counseling for Children in Plainfield, IN

Children's behavior, thoughts, and feelings can be such a mystery for parents!  What worked beautifully during one stage may fall short in others.  We're here to help de-mystify your child's behaviors and increase their ability to cope with the challenges of growing up.

What We Offer

Therapy for the child, support for the parent.

At Bloom, our focus is building on our clients' strengths and growing through their limitations. In weekly or bi-weekly sessions we engage children in play, art, music, and conversation to help them gain skills and understanding to meet their goals.  


For parents, we keep in contact between sessions with secure messaging as well as monthly parent sessions to track progress and provide feedback.  As the child progresses, parents join sessions to really help the growth continue at home.  


Have more questions?  Want to talk to one of us? We'd love to help you navigate your needs!

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