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Counseling for Teens in Plainfield, IN

The teen years are HARD, for parents and kids alike.  You may have noticed your teen withdrawing, or struggling in relationships, even hurting themselves.  You may have tried to share your own coping skills only to be met with silence and an eye roll. We get it and we're here to help!  You don't have to do this alone!

What We Offer

Space for your teen, support for you

At Bloom, our therapists will value your teen for the unique individual that they are and provide them with the space they need to process their stuff and the skills they need to thrive.  With weekly or biweekly sessions and after-school availability we meet with your teen one on one engaging them in a variety of approaches that suit their interests.

For parents, we keep in contact between sessions via secure messenger and meet monthly virtually to discuss progress and challenges and provide feedback.  Parents can also be engaged in sessions with their teen to increase open communication and set students up for continued growth beyond therapy. 

Have more questions?  Want to chat with one of us?  We'd love to help you navigate your needs! 

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