Currently all sessions are self-pay with debit, FSA, HSA, check, cash, venmo, or paypal.  If you would like to submit paid invoices to your insurance company for reimbursement I can provide a superbill with the needed info.  Your insurance company may or may not reimburse, so be sure to check your mental health out-of-network benefits.  



Sessions are $100, each session is 50-55 minutes.  Shorter sessions may be available on a limited basis at a reduced rate. 


For some therapy modalities in-depth assessments are needed and range in price from $175-$200


Individual sessions are $100, each session is 50-55 minutes conducted virtually.  Group supervision rates are tailored to each group.


As you are considering your budget, know that therapy works best when participants can commit to regular, consistent sessions.  This may be as often as 2x per week to 1x per month depending on age, diagnosis, and level of need and will move to an as-needed basis once goals are met. Also be sure to plan for some parent-only sessions as therapy progresses.