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Your child deserves the very best shot at success in therapy and research shows that there are three factors that contribute most to effective therapy:

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The Therapist

The Therapist contributes to the success of the client by being appropriately trained, actively engaged, and intentionally growing. 

What you can expect from your therapist:

  •  Has obtained a Master's Degree from an accredited institution

  • Has applied for Licensure with the Indiana Professional Licensing Association

  • Participates in weekly team meetings to get feedback on their work

  • Receives specialized training in work with kids, teens, and emerging adults

  • Receives regular supervision from specialists to provide competent care

  • Genuinely cares about your child and your family

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The Client

The Client includes the child coming to therapy as well as the adults responsible for the child and both contribute to the success of therapy by being present and engaged.  What we expect from you:

  • Show up!  Commit to prioritizing therapy weekly or bi-weekly

  • Participate in regular parent/guardian sessions (usually 1-2 times per month)

  • Be patient.  Therapy isn't a quick fix and we don't rush good quality.  For most families, at least 6 months of consistent sessions are needed to see benefits.  

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The Relationship

The relationship between the therapist and client is the best indicator of success in therapy.  Our first priority in therapy is to build a trusting relationship with your child and with you.  Sometimes connections click instantly, and sometimes they take some time to establish.  We promise to listen to you if you tell us that things aren't working and help find a solution.  

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