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The Team

Lauryn Montgomery, LMHC

Lauryn Montgomery

Owner & Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Helping teen girls thrive in their relationships, families, and personal lives is a joy for me.  I love working with young women to clarify their values, make difficult decisions, and process through pain--themes that seem so common in the teen years.  We work together to create and achieve clients' goals, providing support for both the teen and their adults throughout the process. Let's see what a life well-lived could look like!  Click below for a complimentary consultation!

Robyn Smith

Master's Level Therapist

Meeting kids, teens, and emerging adults in the middle of their challenges is exactly where I want to be.  I build trust with clients and their families to help them better understand themselves, their strengths, and their limitations so they can bloom into their authentic potential.  I'm an old soul but a child at heart and look forward to joining you on your unique journey!  Click below for a complimentary consultation!

Robyn Smith
Sara Taft

Sara Taft

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate

Anxiety, family problems, pressure to achieve--all common challenges for kids, teens, and college students and all challenges that I faced growing up.  Therapy helped me learn to manage my anxiety, get through stressful situations, explore different relationships in my life, and overall, 
helped me figure out my life!  My therapist made me feel relaxed and safe, and now I want to provide space for my own clients and their families to feel accepted, comfortable, and safe so that we can get through the hard things together.  Click below for a complimentary consultation!

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